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Pedigree of the litter in the Koiranet-database

Lovely Milli has been bred to charming Dino. We are hoping this litter to see the daylight around 28.3.2021. Pregnancy will be confirmed by ultrasound during week 8. We are expecting these puppies to be beautifull and active minis for all kinds of activities. This litter will be born and raised under Teea´s eyes in Kauhajoki and all the inquiries straight to her by phone +358405204736 or by e-mail mattsson.teea@gmail.com.


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Pedigree of the litter in Koiranet

Minja has been bred to Kapu and we are hoping that this litter will see the daylight ca. 7.3.2021. Minja is a very schnauzerish lady with calm and stable temperament. Minja has produced us one litter before, which made us confident of breeding her for the second time. Kapu is a stallion of  dog, very outgoing and social male with an easy harsh coat. Also Kapu has earlier offspring that have turned out to be very nice. We are expecting these puppies to be beautifull and outgoing minis for all kinds of activities. Inquiries about this litter to Nora/ +35840536088, cheantake@cheantake.com


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Imbrez Green Light District


Inquiries by phone +35840 5367088/ Nora or by email