24.6.2016 Jussin Juoksut, Savonlinna

Marita and Ninja, Cheantake My Way Or Highway spent the Midsummer in agility competition in Savonlinna.  Not a bad trip at all, third 0-result from the second class, and in a blink of an eye Ninja is now in a third class!!! Huge congrats Marita! … Read more

12.6.2016 Agility-competition, Järvenpää

Johanna and Lore, Cheantake Just Like Montague participatet agility competition in  Järvenpää. What a day, the third 0-result that we have been hoping for came for real! Placement second in his class, CAC and one way ticket to second class! Well done Johanna, you can really … Read more

22.5.2016 TSAU agility competition, Lieto

Ninja’s, Cheantake My Way Or Highway agility weekend continued in Lieto. From the first track 5 faults and overtime, but the second track hitt the jackpot, 0-result with class win! On the last track Ninja’s hearing sight was no working the best possible way, wrong track and result … Read more

28.3.2016 TSAU agility competition, Lieto

Marita and Ninja, Cheantake My Way Or Highway had agreat day in Lieto at the TSAU agility competition. Three tracks and three wins!! Unfortunately in each 5 fault points so it was not yet time to move in to the second class. Nevertheless … Read more