April 2023

29.04.2023 Iivari came for a visit

Our lovely little man Iivari, Cheantake Zhandouji came for a tidy up and what a lovely man he has grown into. we had a little photoshoot and got some nice pics of him. Thank you Saija for taking such a good care of our little man.  <3 … Read more

25.05.2023 Vici´s and Kapu´s litter has been born!

Vici´s, Cheantake Totally Twisted and Kapu´s, Cheantake New Edition puppies saw the daylight on 21.4.23. after a bit slow start everything went well and Vici is a super mom for the second time. We have now 1 male and 3 females. The smallest girl kept us … Read more

24.4.2023 What A Sweet Surprise

Sometimes you get quite crazy ideas, specially if there’s someone who you want to make happy. Marita and Ztella have been together since last August when our dear Maisa passed away. Marita aproached me for another lady to retire and enjoy her life with Marita and Ztella. Well, … Read more

23.4.2023 Lahti KV

Succes in Kiuruvesi turned in to a very good day, judged by Ville Meronen.  Very happy we are about Leo’s nice, Cheantake Zinging Bullet performance, result JUN VG2. Rane, Cheantake Xactly Right othough that since he is already a champion, he can just sit  :D, result … Read more

22.4.2023 Kiuruvesi group show

It feel so nice be in the show rings that we decided to drive all the way to Kiuruvesi group show. We were expecting to show our dogs to a schnauzer specialist, but due to a big entry we had a judge change. It was not bad at … Read more

16.4.2023 Vaasa INT

From Kainasto to Vaasa INT with Leo, Cheantake Zinging Bullet and Gyda, SEJV-22 Cheantake Zillion Dollar Zing. Leo´s  debute under a strict breed specialist went very well; JUN EXC2 and Gyda impressed our judge and got  JUN EXC1 CQ, JUN-CAC, JUN CACIB, CAC, BOB! It was … Read more

15.4.2023 Tallinn Winner-23

Our wonderfull veteran lady Ranja, Cheantake Like Million Dollars travelled with her crew to Tallin Winner-23 and repeated her last years result VET EXC1 CQ, BB-1, BOS, BOB-veteran, TLNVW-23, TLNw-23!!! Well done Tiina and Ranja, we are so proud of you two! … Read more

15.04.2023 Lovely youngsters

I drove to Kainasto before the Vaasa show and we had a bit of grooming and a photoshoot on our lovely youngsters Olga, Cheantake Åh Cha Cha and Väinö, Cheantake Åh My Gosh. Lovely outgoing and happy youngsters and very pretty too, could´t be more happy!  Thank you … Read more