September 2017

12.9.2017 Charming Elsa!

Elsa, Cheantake Ringside Rumour popped by to be groomed. She has been stripped and groomed last time two months ago and again she was ready for a full grooming, and underneath was a perfect coat straight ready for shows. Thank you Kirsti for doing such a superb job … Read more

10.09.2017 Porvoo KR

We headed to Porvoo with four dogs, hoping to show a breeders group aswell. Milo, Cheantake Razzledazzle nicelt to  JUN EXC1 CQ, BM-1 CAC, BOS and now also Milo got his CC-account opened! In bitches Raisa, Cheantake Razzmatazz JUN EXC1 CQ, BB-3 CAC, Ranja, Cheantake Milllion Dollars is in fabulous … Read more