June 2017

23.06.2017 Happy Midsummer!

We want to wish wish everyone a pleasand Midsummer! We will enjoy our midsummer with our pack and the T-babies who have all found their loving homes. Read more

22.06.2017 The northern lads visiting south

Morris, Cheantake Kick’N Run  and  Milos, Cheantake Silver Dollar came all the way from Oulu for a showgrooming and what a handsome lads they turned out. Mister Milos got to be a photo model. and what a handsome and promissing young lad he is! Thank you Teija and Kari … Read more

10.6.2017 Vejen 2x INT, Denmark

N-puppies had a blast in the show rings this weekend! In Denmark , Vejen on saturday Cato, Cheantake New Release CHAMP EXC1 CQ, BM-1, CACIB, BOS and on sunday BM-2 res-CACIB. Judges Liliane de Ridder-Onghena and Guido Schäfer, Belgia. Congrats Helle! … Read more

10.6.2017 SKSK mainspecialty, Espoo

The mainspecialty was held in Marketan Park, Espoo as usual. This year the weather was on our side and the sun showed herself to us for most of the day. Our day was started with our young promises Linus, Cheantake Secret Millionaire Minor puppy 1/1 HP, Milo, … Read more

3.6.2017 Estonian Winner-17

It was time to participate the Estonian Winner-17, as we quite often have done and with great succes. This year was not worse! The day was started with Linus’s, Cheantake Secret Millionaire, happygolucky performance to BOB-puppy,  when  Jaska, Cheantake One Man Show went in to the ring  INTERM … Read more