September 2016

16-18.9.2016 BEST IN SHOW PUPPY, Darlington, UK!!!

Rocky, Cheantake On The Rocks exceeding all the expectations in the showgrounds, seventh BOB-puppy and second utility puppy group-win in Darlington! On sundays finals the little guy was on fire and went all the way to BEST IN SHOW PUPPY!!!! Thomas has trained him … Read more

11.9.2016 Ranja’s Nose Work-course

Ranja, Cheantake Like Million Dollars participated to a Nose Work-course with her mommy Tiina. This is Tiina’s report about their new hobby, Thank You Tiina! Nose Work is fun search and scenting activity for all kinds of dogs. It doesn’t … Read more

10.9.2016 Cheantake 10 years anniversary!

On November 9th our A-litter will have their 10 years birthday, but we thought it would be nicer to celebrate our 10th anniversary already now in September when the weather is still pretty warm. We had the priviledge of spending the day at our Helmi’s, Cheantake One Tough … Read more