April 2016

24.4.2016 Greetings from Q-puppies!

24.4.2016 Q-pups having been growing like weed and the are lovely and happy little fellows. They have been examined healthy by the vet and they have gotten microchips and official names aswell. Miniremu will be know as Cheantake Quite A … Read more

23.4.2016 Greetings from Manta!

Manta, Cheantake Pocket Rocket has settled in nicely to her new home in Hyvinkää. Manta and Saras are well on the way of becoming the best friends On saturday Manta got to play with Elle, Cheantake No Limit For Lodentsand her “big sister” Pinkki, … Read more

166.4.2016 Tallinn Winner’16

Elle, Cheantake No Limit For Lodents started her “tour” abroad with her mommy Lotta in Tallinn with JUN EXC1 CQ, JUN-CAC, BB-2 and first tittle TLNJW’16 achieved! Tiina and  Ranja, Cheantake Like Million Dollars were chasing that last CACIB, but this time … Read more

09.04.2016 Rocky’s show debute

Today our O-pups had their 6 months birthday and our little charmer Rocky, Cheantake On The Rocks made his debute in the puppy classess. It could have not been a better start,  BOB, BP, Utility Group 2, Utility Puppy Group 1, 1st Puppy Dog … Read more