October 2015

24-25.10.2015 Panevezys, Lithuania

Ninja, EE JCH Cheantake My Way Or Highway got to go to a showtrip with Marita’s friends to Panevezys, Lithuania and of course aiming for the junior cc’s. And it went well, with a handler that she didn’t know before; best of … Read more

14.10.2015 Mette, Cheantake Just Like Juliet

Mette, Cheantake Just Like Juliet had her eyes checked healthy, just one little distichiasis-lash. Now we can proceed with our plans to mate her next year, don’t hesitate to ask if you want to know more about our plans! … Read more

11.10.2015 South Wales Kennel Association

Eddie, GB MVA Cheantake Limited Edition At Wellingley is keeping up the good phase at the show rings! South Walesissa Eddie Best Of Breed and GROUP-1 under Jackie Kitchener in the breed and Tom Mathers in the group. Congratulations Liz, we are over the … Read more